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We offer a home for Boot Camp trainers and clients to connect, all easily searchable within a local radius. With the recent health surge, we connect the public to certified, licensed Trainers within their local communities to help people get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle.

No matter where you are, there’s a trainer and Boot Camp for you! Our classes are only limited by your schedule; come work out with us in an uplifting environment where everyone is dedicated to your success.

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, and can cater to your specific needs. Trainers can make themselves available for traditional Boot Camp, Boot Camp for Kids and Adventure Race training, along with listing their specific backgrounds and training specialties in their Instructor profile.

Those interested in trying Boot Camp for the first time can get connected with their trainer that best fits their needs, here at BootCamper.


Our staff at BootCamper supports and promotes Boot Camp coaches, as well as clients, helping communities connect and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Coaches work hard to promote themselves and their business, but at the end of the day, their passion towards helping individuals overcome their struggle and succeed can only be realized if they have clients to help.

Boot Camps provide an environment where everyone is pursuing the same goal; to set aside their fears and step beyond their comfort zone to pursue a healthier life.For many, taking the first step in to the gym can be extremely intimidating. We seek to provide that environment that’s both supportive and comforting, yet challenging for newcomers to veterans alike so that no matter what your fitness level is, you’ll be able to get a rigorous workout and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

BootCamper provides Coaches with the tools to market themselves and their brands while providing clients easy access to local Boot Camps and trainers in their area. When Trainers complete their Instructor profile they’ll have access to a comprehensive landing platform from which to run their specials, tell their story, and show the change they make in clients lives. Potential clients can have all the relevant information right at their fingertips; BootCamper is a hub of Boot Camp info, photos and Instructor profiles, to connect clients to Coaches and help everyone lead a healthier life.