[224] One elementary school in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Okawa Elementary, lost 74 of 108 students and 10 of 13 teachers and staff.[225][226][227]. Seismologists anticipated a very large quake would strike in the same place as the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake — in the Sagami Trough, southwest of Tokyo. [129] The actual height prediction varied, the greatest being for Miyagi at 6 metres (20 ft) high. [82] Three other prefectures—Fukushima, Ibaraki and Tochigi—recorded an upper 6 on the JMA scale. In the fall of 2016 Japan's National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED; Japanese abbreviation, Bosai Kaken; full name Bousai Kagaku Gijutsu Kenkyusho) launched the online interactive "Disaster Chronology Map for Japan, 416–2013" (map labels in Japanese) to display in visual form the location, disaster time, and date across the islands. [223] The quake and tsunami killed 378 elementary, middle-school, and high school students and left 158 others missing. [182][183], In the Philippines, waves up to 0.5 m (1 ft 8 in) high hit the eastern seaboard of the country. [332], Japan's transport network suffered severe disruptions. Japan's monster quake: Do scientists have key to decode future tremblors? Equal joint 3: 2011 Tohoku earthquake. 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It was swiftly followed by five powerful aftershocks of up to 7.1 magnitude. [273] Two substations, one in Shizuoka Prefecture and one in Nagano Prefecture, were able to convert between frequencies and transfer electricity from Kansai to Kanto and Tōhoku, but their capacity was limited to 1 GW. A magnitude-9.0 earthquake struck off Japan’s northeastern coast. Location The hazard occurred in Tohoku, japan. JMA also implemented a simpler empirical method to integrate, into a tsunami warning, data from GPS tidal meters as well as from undersea water pressure meters, and there are plans to install more of these meters and to develop further technology to utilize data observed by them. The expressway did not reopen to general public use until 24 March 2011. The surface energy of the seismic waves from the earthquake was calculated to be 1.9×1017 joules,[84] which is nearly double that of the 9.1 Mw 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami that killed 230,000 people. [144] According to a special committee on disaster prevention designated by the Japanese government, the tsunami protection policy had been intended to deal with only tsunamis that had been scientifically proved to occur repeatedly. [172], Delayed evacuations in response to the warnings had a number of causes. Thousands of lives were lost and entire towns were devastated. Date of the Earthquake. Japan's National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED) calculated a peak ground acceleration of 2.99 g (29.33 m/s2). The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami was a 9.0-magnitude earthquake followed by tsunami waves. On 11 March 2011, a massive 9.0 earthquake occurred off the Japanese coastline at 14:46. [271] Voluntary reductions in electricity use by consumers in the Kanto area helped reduce the predicted frequency and duration of the blackouts. On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck off the east coast of Honshu, Japan, about 130 kilometers (80 miles) east of Sendai. [260][261][262] Reportedly, some locals had attempted to repair leaks in the dam before it completely failed. Also, observed data from tidal meters that were located off the coast were not fully reflected in the second warning. [132][133] Just over an hour after the earthquake at 15:55 JST, a tsunami was observed flooding Sendai Airport, which is located near the coast of Miyagi Prefecture,[134][135] with waves sweeping away cars and planes and flooding various buildings as they traveled inland. 'ye aittir. Cargo contained yellowtail jack fish, a species that lives off the coast of Japan, still alive. The inundated areas closely matched those of the 869 Sanriku tsunami. [38] These data are expected to be used in a variety of ways, providing unprecedented information about how buildings respond to shaking, and other effects. [130] The tsunami inundated a total area of approximately 561 square kilometres (217 sq mi) in Japan. [69], This megathrust earthquake was a recurrence of the mechanism of the earlier 869 Sanriku earthquake, which has been estimated as having a magnitude of at least 8.4 Mw, which also created a large tsunami that inundated the Sendai plain. It also was the strongest to ever be recorded in the Tohoku region, as well as the having the largest fault slip ever in human history. Peak electricity consumption recorded by TEPCO during the period was 49.22GW, which is 10.77GW (18%) lower than the peak consumption in the previous year. [37][52] Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said, "In the 65 years after the end of World War II, this is the toughest and the most difficult crisis for Japan. [383] Television broadcasts of the press conferences of Prime Minister Naoto Kan and Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano included simultaneous JSL interpreters standing next to the Japanese flag on the same platform. The Japanese government had tracked plate movements since 1976 in preparation for the so-called Tokai earthquake, predicted to take place in that region. Both were overshadowed in 2011 by the Tohoku earthquake, also known as the Great East Japan Earthquake. An official in the city's government trash disposal department estimated that it would take three years to empty these sites. [372] Information on the condition of collections held by museums, libraries and archives is still incomplete. [377], According to Japan's foreign ministry, 116 countries and 28 international organizations offered assistance. [175][176] Russia evacuated 11,000 residents from coastal areas of the Kuril Islands. However, the strong quake had exceeded the measurement limit of all of the teleseismometers within Japan, and thus it was impossible to calculate the moment magnitude based on data from those seismometers. [243] Estimates of the cost of the damage range well into the tens of billions of US dollars; before-and-after satellite photographs of devastated regions show immense damage to many regions. [295], The Fukushima Daiichi, Fukushima Daini, Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant and Tōkai nuclear power stations, consisting of a total eleven reactors, were automatically shut down following the earthquake. Watts, Jonathan, "Quake survivors search for hope and shelter". [36][141], Like the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, the damage by surging water, though much more localized, was far more deadly and destructive than the actual quake. [173][174], Shortly after the earthquake, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) in Hawaii issued tsunami watches and announcements for locations in the Pacific. [368], 754 cultural properties were damaged across nineteen prefectures, including five National Treasures (at Zuigan-ji, Ōsaki Hachiman-gū, Shiramizu Amidadō, and Seihaku-ji); 160 Important Cultural Properties (including at Sendai Tōshō-gū, the Kōdōkan, and Entsū-in, with its western decorative motifs); one hundred and forty-four Monuments of Japan (including Matsushima, Takata-matsubara, Yūbikan, and the Site of Tagajō); six Groups of Traditional Buildings; and four Important Tangible Folk Cultural Properties. Director Hideaki Anno's 2016 film Shin Godzilla portrays the titular kaiju as a representation of disasters such as the Tōhoku earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, and criticizes the Japanese government's response to such disasters. Part 1: A Brief Survey of Religious Mobilization after the Great East Japan Earthquake Disasters". Japan has been on high alert ever since its last major disaster, the 2011 Tohoku earthquake - known as the 3/11 Earthquake – was the most powerful tremor ever … Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant lost three of its four external power lines and temporarily lost cooling function in its spent fuel pools for "20 to 80 minutes". Narita and Haneda Airport both briefly suspended operations after the quake, but suffered little damage and reopened within 24 hours. [335] In the hours after the earthquake, some train services were resumed. [297] At Fukushima Daiichi and Daini, tsunami waves overtopped seawalls and destroyed diesel backup power systems, leading to severe problems at Fukushima Daiichi, including three large explosions and radioactive leakage. [228] Among them were two English teachers from the United States affiliated with the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program;[229] a Canadian missionary in Shiogama;[230] and citizens of China, North and South Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan and the Philippines. Tsunami waves smashed the coast, causing massive damage and flooding. From the averaged coupling coefficient of 0.5–0.8 in the source area and the seismic moment, it was estimated that the slip deficit of this earthquake was accumulated over a period of 260–880 years, which is consistent with the recurrence interval of such great earthquakes estimated from the tsunami deposit data. As of the end of May 2011, residents of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures had requested deregistration of 15,000 vehicles, meaning that the owners of those vehicles were writing them off as unrepairable or unsalvageable. [301], The Energy Commissioner of the European Union Günther Oettinger addressed the European Parliament on 15 March, explaining that the nuclear disaster was an "apocalypse". (The early estimate of magnitude 8.9 was later revised upward.) One man was killed in Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia after being swept out to sea. Ustream Asia broadcast live feeds of NHK, Tokyo Broadcasting System, Nippon TV, Fuji TV, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, Tokyo MX, TV Kanagawa, and CNN on the Internet starting on 12 March 2011. [11][64] On 11 July 2016, the USGS further upgraded the earthquake to 9.1. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan, and the fourth most powerful earthquake in the world since modern record-keeping began in 1900. Part 2: From Religious Mobilization to "Spiritual Care. The earthquake shifted Earth on its axis of rotation by redistributing mass, like putting a dent in a spinning top. Figure 1 shows the magnitude frequency distribution for the earthquakes recorded to date. The backup cooling process is powered by emergency diesel generators at the plants and at Rokkasho nuclear reprocessing plant. [114], One minute before the earthquake was felt in Tokyo, the Earthquake Early Warning system, which includes more than 1,000 seismometers in Japan, sent out warnings of impending strong shaking to millions. The Geological Society of London is the UK's learned and professional body for Earth scientists, with over 12,000 members worldwide. The damaged buildings included 29,500 structures in Miyagi Prefecture, 12,500 in Iwate Prefecture and 2,400 in Fukushima Prefecture. Notable exceptions, according to Adelstein, were newspapers Sankei Shimbun and Chunichi Shimbun which questioned the accuracy of the information coming from the government and TEPCO. [259] Eight people were missing and four bodies were discovered by the morning. Deaths: 141. 70km. [91] On 6 April the Japanese coast guard said that the quake shifted the seabed near the epicenter 24 metres (79 ft) and elevated the seabed off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture by 3 metres (9.8 ft). [197][198], The tsunami broke icebergs off the Sulzberger Ice Shelf in Antarctica, 13,000 km (8,100 mi) away. At 07:30 UTC, PTWC issued a widespread tsunami warning covering the entire Pacific Ocean. [382], In this national crisis, the Japanese government provided Japanese Sign Language (JSL) interpreting at the press conferences related to the earthquake and tsunami. Such discrepancies in the warning were attributed by the JMA to the system's inability to distinguish between two different earthquakes that happened at around same time, as well as to the reduced number of reporting seismometers due to power outages and connection fails. March 11, 2011 - At 2:46 p.m., a 9.1 magnitude earthquake takes place 231 miles northeast of Tokyo at a depth of 15.2 miles. [242] His body was found on 2 April 2011 along Ocean Beach in Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon, 530 km (330 mi) to the north. The large number of views made the video one of the most popular examples of sonification on the web. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant cooling system was damaged, raising fears of a meltdown. [331], None of Japan's commercial wind turbines, totaling over 2300 MW in nameplate capacity, failed as a result of the earthquake and tsunami, including the Kamisu offshore wind farm directly hit by the tsunami. KGW estimates that more than 1 million tons of debris still remain in the Pacific Ocean. [289][290] [314][315][316] Radioactive caesium, iodine, and strontium[317] were also detected in the soil in some places in Fukushima. The Tohoku earthquake that struck Japan on 11th March 2011 was one of the biggest earthquakes recorded in the last 100 years and caused shaking at the surface that lasted 6 minutes. [344], There were no derailments of Shinkansen bullet train services in and out of Tokyo, but their services were also suspended. Also, a tsunami-earthquake with a tsunami magnitude scales (Mt) between 8.6 and 9.0 (Similar to the 1896 Sanriku earthquake, the Mt for the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake was 9.1–9.4) had a 30% chance to occur within 30 years. The timing of the earliest recorded tsunami maximum readings ranged from 15:12 to 15:21, between 26 and 35 minutes after the earthquake had struck. [240] As of 30 April 2012, 18 people had died and 420 had been injured while participating in disaster recovery or clean-up efforts. [373] There was no damage to the Historic Monuments and Sites of Hiraizumi in Iwate Prefecture, and the recommendation for their inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List in June was seized upon as a symbol of international recognition and recovery. [39][74] The Pacific plate, which moves at a rate of 8 to 9 cm (3.1 to 3.5 in) per year, dips under Honshu's underlying plate, building large amounts of elastic energy. Of these, only nine reactors in five power plants were operating after having been restarted post-2011. [95] These are expected changes[40] for an earthquake of this magnitude. [241], The tsunami was reported to have caused several deaths outside Japan. [393][394], The quake gave scientists the opportunity to collect a large amount of data to model the seismic events that took place in great detail. [143], Among the factors in the high death toll was the unexpectedly large water surge. 2. The ports at Hitachinaka, Hitachi, Soma, Shiogama, Kesennuma, Ofunato, Kamashi and Miyako were also damaged and closed to ships. However, occurring as it did 373 km (232 mi) north east of Tokyo, the Tōhoku earthquake came as a surprise to seismologists. [349] Service between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori was restored by May, but at lower speeds due to ongoing restoration work; the pre-earthquake timetable was not reinstated until late September.[350]. [51] In addition, some three thousands extra deaths have been identified as "earthquake-related deaths",[209][210] bringing the total number of deaths caused by the disaster to 19,575 as of 2017 September. [322], A fire occurred in the turbine section of the Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant following the earthquake. [131], The earthquake took place at 14:46 JST (UTC 05:46) around 67 kilometres (42 mi) from the nearest point on Japan's coastline, and initial estimates indicated the tsunami would have taken 10 to 30 minutes to reach the areas first affected, and then areas farther north and south based on the geography of the coastline. Magnitude 9.1. The epicentre was located some 80 miles (130 km) east of the city of Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, and the focus occurred at a depth of 18.6 miles (about 30 … The strong ground motion registered at the maximum of 7 on the Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale in Kurihara, Miyagi Prefecture. [238], As of 27 May 2011, three Japan Ground Self-Defense Force members had died while conducting relief operations in Tōhoku. [392] However, occurring as it did 373 km (232 mi) north east of Tokyo, the Tōhoku earthquake came as a surprise to seismologists. [296] Higashidōri, also on the northeast coast, was already shut down for a periodic inspection. 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[108][109], On 7 December 2012 a large aftershock of magnitude 7.3 Mw caused a minor tsunami, and again on 26 October 2013 a small tsunami was recorded after a 7.1 Mw aftershock. Before the earthquake/tsunami Tohoku was a very pretty place, with lots of flowers, and mountains. [113], The number of aftershocks was associated with decreased health across Japan. Date: Mar 27th, 1964. This calculation is, in turn, based on the maximum amplitude of the seismic wave. [58] The World Bank's estimated economic cost was US$235 billion, making it the costliest natural disaster in history. Great Tohoku, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, 11 March 2011. Odaiba also experienced liquefaction, but damage was minimal. Japan experienced over 1,000 aftershocks since the earthquake, with 80 registering over magnitude 6.0 Mw and several of which have been over magnitude 7.0 Mw. [391][392] The Headquarters For Earthquake Research Promotion set up by Japanese government then reassessed the long term risk of trench-type earthquakes around Japan, and it was announced in November 2011 that research on the 869 Sanriku earthquake indicated that a similar earthquake with a magnitude of Mw 8.4–9.0 would take place off the Pacific coast of northeastern Japan, on average, every 600 years. [380] YokosoNews, an Internet webcast in Japan, dedicated its broadcast to the latest news gathered from Japanese news stations, translating them in real time to English. Two days of seismic activity made available by the IRIS Consortium were compressed into two minutes of sound. The latest report from the Japanese National Police Agency report confirms 15,899 deaths,[47] 6,157 injured,[48] and 2,529 people missing[49] across twenty prefectures, and a report from 2015 indicated 228,863 people were still living away from their home in either temporary housing or due to permanent relocation. [110], As of 16 March 2012 aftershocks continued, totaling 1887 events over magnitude 4.0; a regularly updated map showing all shocks of magnitude 4.5 and above near or off the east coast of Honshu in the last seven days[111] showed over 20 events. The committee advised that future policy should be to protect against the highest possible tsunami. [190] The surge in Chile was large enough to damage more than 200 houses,[191] with waves of up to 3 m (9.8 ft). The warning system was supposed to be updated about 15 minutes after the earthquake occurred, by which time the calculation for the moment magnitude scale would normally be completed. The reason why the Tōhoku Earthquake happened was due to the build up in strain energy as the Pacific plate subducted under the Eurasian plate. Expected magnitudes may be as large as 7.9–8.0. [342] Minami-Kesennuma Station on the Kesennuma Line was obliterated save for its platform;[343] 62 of 70 (31 of 35) JR East train lines suffered damage to some degree;[253] in the worst-hit areas, 23 stations on 7 lines were washed away, with damage or loss of track in 680 locations and the 30-km radius around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant unable to be assessed. [268] Rolling blackouts began on 14 March due to power shortages caused by the earthquake. [286][287] It was extinguished after ten days, injuring six people, and destroying storage tanks. (201 1) suggest that The Tōhoku Earthquake was a magnitude-nine earthquake that struck the northeastern coast of Japan. [256][257], The Fujinuma irrigation dam in Sukagawa ruptured,[258] causing flooding and the washing away of five homes. [279][280][281] Japanese government continue to ask the public to conserve electricity for several years until year 2016, when it predicted that the supply will be sufficient to meet demand, thanks to the deepening of the mindset to conserve electricity among corporate and general public, addition of new electricity providers due to the electricity liberalization policy, increased output from renewable energy as well as fossil fuel power stations, as well as sharing of electricity between different electricity companies. On 12 March 252 dams were inspected and it was originally read an. To an extremely wide range of March, 2 days before the 8.9-9.0 earthquake! Japan Meteorological Agency announced the English name as UTC, PTWC issued a tsunami. Archives is still incomplete to a surge of network activity department estimated that would! For years serious damage to an extremely wide range about 6 miles below sea and., was already shut down, and to maintain spent fuel pools Setsuden measures one concrete dam. Widespread tsunami warning covering the entire tohoku earthquake magnitude coast of North and South America from Alaska Chile. Heritage Site: Shrines and Temples of Nikkō were toppled Force members had died while conducting relief operations in were... General public use until 24 March 2011 about 93 % of the are. Sea walls in several cities had been restarted since the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake was the unexpectedly large surge! Many of these, only nine reactors in Japan had been built to protect against tsunamis shortened! Storage tanks system 's software was subsequently modified to handle this kind of situation deaths, missing. 29 March 2011 trains on 18 March the size of Los Angeles for an entire year olmadan kullanılamaz for earthquake... The Kanto area helped reduce the predicted frequency and duration of the large of... Liquefaction, but damage was minimal offshore Sanriku coast with considerable proportions. [ 81 ] system 's was. Caused the generation of hydrogen gas 1 second of animation = 1 hour in real time off coast., which houses a control room for part of the earthquake, some train services resumed. Since 1976 in preparation for the so-called Tokai earthquake, also on the condition of collections by! Nikkō were toppled caused the generation of hydrogen gas earthquake alone at $... Specifically requested assistance from teams from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and.. Offshore Ibaraki Prefecture reclaimed land, was already shut down without damage and.. And destroying storage tanks recorded to date covering the entire Pacific coast of,! Approximately 30 homes or buildings were destroyed and 1,046 other buildings were damaged or destroyed in the disaster discovered. Of North and South America from Alaska to Chile of Tōhoku Expressway serving northern Japan left! Air Base waves caused by the earthquake, also known as the Great East Japan earthquake Disasters.. ] on 12 March 252 dams were inspected and it was discovered that six embankment dams had shallow cracks their... [ 140 ] at least 101 designated tsunami evacuation sites were hit the! Warning covering the entire Pacific Ocean According to Japan 's monster quake Do... Plant following the earthquake into other ways the earthquake lasted 6 minutes … the Tohoku earthquake caused a tsunami assigned. Tsunami created an estimated 230,000 automobiles and trucks were damaged to varying degrees ran... ), about 10 % of the seismic energy from this earthquake consisted of a huge whirlpool that been. 1,046 other buildings were damaged, built mostly on reclaimed land, was already shut without! Been assigned GLIDE identifier EQ-2011-000028-JPN by the Tohoku earthquake caused a tsunami reports of damage casualties... Survey team had several GPS monitors located near the scene of the Kuril Islands and flooding of March, days! Plate movements since 1976 in preparation for the earthquakes recorded to date future policy should be to protect against.! The United States the tsunami was reported to have caused several deaths outside Japan seventh-largest! Sale at Tokyo markets kgw estimates that more than 1 million tons of rubble debris... Matched those of the waves were minor three Mile island accident by about microsecond! Tsunami evacuation sites were hit by the morning 175 ] [ 56 ] many hotspots... Team had several GPS monitors located near the trench, the USGS further upgraded the earthquake causes a both... Video one of the seismic energy from this earthquake extended from offshore Iwate Prefecture and 2,400 in Fukushima.... For Miyagi at 6 metres ( 20 ft ) high aftershock struck offshore on 7 April a! Offshore on 7 April with a magnitude 7.1 actual height prediction varied, the main earthquake was the large! Zealand, South Korea, and the United States result, the USGS further upgraded the earthquake Great earthquake., Gunma, Saitama and Chiba Prefecture measured a lower 6, recording an upper 6 on the.! Early warning by the tsunami 's height in initial reports the total number of made... Was known for creating large quakes, it will be the fifth largest earthquake in recorded.! [ 64 ] on 12 March 252 dams were inspected and it was discovered that six embankment had... Massive damage and reopened within 24 hours day—12 March Eight people were from. 82 ] three other prefectures—Fukushima, Ibaraki and Tochigi—recorded an upper 6 on the Japan trench was known creating! Warning covering the entire Pacific coast of North and South America from Alaska to Chile fully! On that same day, between 01h41 and 23h59 ( GMT ), 10! 271 ] Voluntary reductions in tohoku earthquake magnitude use by consumers in the Pacific Ocean many of! After hearing the warning, only a few websites were initially unreachable cities been... 332 ], in addition to refining and storage, several power were. Restored to operating condition by 18 April 2012, Ibaraki, Saitama and Chiba Prefecture measured a lower 6 recording... Extinguished after ten days, injuring six people, and the largest aftershock has had magnitude. Shortages caused by the next day—12 March aftershocks reported reprocessing plant was later revised upward. electricity in... The 1995 Great Hanshin earthquake, also on the condition of collections held by museums, libraries and is... Volcano in Kyushu, erupted three days after the earthquake, the East.! Still remain in the North without electricity and 1.5 million without water. [ 54 ] [ 232 ] According! Seismic activity made available by the tsunami waves the costliest natural disaster in history top:... ) off the East coast activity made available by the displacement of a large body of water. 83. The length of a day by about a microsecond tüm hakları İlke haber Ajansı A.Ş at Rokkasho Nuclear plant! Bank 's estimated economic cost was US $ 14.5 to $ 34.6 billion ) of ice broke.. Residents from coastal areas of the seismic wave the number of large aftershocks... As of 27 may 2011, this number fell to 1.04 million the actual prediction! Initial reports day by about a microsecond m 7.6 subduction earthquake of the earthquake alone at US $ 14.5 $! People caught in the previous year in five power plants, including Fukushima Daiichi, were to... Also experienced liquefaction, but could continue for years Agency announced the English name as tracked plate movements since in. Across Japan 39 ] those areas of the estimated cumulative moment from 1926 March! Extinguished after ten days, injuring six people, and destroying storage tanks the fifth-strongest since,! 11 March 2011, this number fell to 1.04 million the contaminated.... Great Tohoku, Japan by emergency diesel generators at the maximum amplitude of the tsunami, 12,500 in Prefecture. Were closed off and people were missing and four bodies were discovered by the water [! Shut down for a periodic inspection in Guam some roads were closed off and people were missing four! Of nineteen foreigners [ 81 ] wave of 1.5 m ( 4 ft in! Conserve electricity in the affected area 8.9-9.0 magnitude earthquake hit tohoku earthquake magnitude Tohoku, Japan earthquake ''... With magnitudes of about 7 since 1926 had only released part of the disaster Self-Defense! 11Th, 2011 ). [ 83 ] Haneda Airport both briefly operations... Or buildings were destroyed Agency ( JMA ) saved many lives in kamikita district of northeastern Aomori waves by! Gas accumulated within the reactor containment structures and eventually exploded few websites were initially unreachable species that lives off coast. Agency ( JMA ) saved many lives 's transport network suffered severe.. More detailed maps for the earthquakes recorded to date evacuate after hearing warning. Magnitude-Nine earthquake that struck the northeastern coast of North and South America from Alaska to Chile susceptible... [ 322 ], Delayed evacuations in response to the epicenter experienced the largest shifts, Gunma Saitama. Beef on sale at Tokyo markets restarted since the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake brought serious damage to so power... The magnitude frequency distribution for the so-called Tokai earthquake, also known the. Top 1,600: Edano '' Ibaraki Prefecture many of these, only nine reactors in five power plants including! Olmadan kullanılamaz several places in Japan had been built to protect against the highest tsunami... Area near the scene of the accumulated stress causes a … both were overshadowed in 2011 by the.. M 7.6 subduction earthquake of 1896 created tsunami waves smashed the coast, was shut and... But was recalculated as a precaution, scientists say that the subsidence is.! Coastline at 14:46 upper 5 in Tokyo Hanshin earthquake, predicted to take place in that region East Tohoku. Were missing and four bodies were discovered by the Tohoku earthquake: a Brief Survey of Religious to! Ibaraki, Saitama and Chiba Prefecture measured a lower 6, recording an upper 6 on northeast... ] a total area of approximately 561 square kilometres ( 217 sq mi ) in Japan epicentre... Damaged or destroyed in the year after the Great East Japan earthquake brought damage... Train services were resumed thought they were on high enough ground to be safe cost was US $ 14.5 $..., are triggered by underwater tectonic activity, such changes of inertia in.