I test sereral configurations, but what ever I try I get nothing. If you have no hue connection, first ensure all the lights on the Hue bridge are a solid blue, if so then this is working fine and is connected to your network. No avail. There are lots of 3rd party apps that make the dimmer or any other switch/sensor/bulbs do … I have to ask something else. Delete the bulb and add it again to the Hue Bridge. You need a dimmer designed for the very low current draw of LEDs. they should now work with alexa and can be renamed. Configure two of the time slots to do nothing and the third for your night routine. You can use two methods which are; Switching on all the lights at once and then switching off after a few seconds. They are a bit exspensive to be replacing all the time as i have them all over the house. The Good Hue's Outdoor Sensor works with Apple HomeKit, and it's actually three sensors in one -- motion, temperature and ambient light. When triggering the sensor, it turns on your chosen scene, just like you are used to. 3 color lights all connected to a 3-light ceiling fan. Both Samsung Android. I deleted light #2 and now I can’t add it back. If the problem persist, you may need to turn to accessing the API of the Hue bridge directly to check for any residual schedules or rules. Really, it's one of the few options you have in the Hue app. As mentioned, hue motion sensor is new to me. Comprar Philips Hue Impress Pedestal o Sobremuro Inteligente Exterior LED (IP44) (BajoVoltaje, Extensión), Luz Blanca y Color, Compatible con Alexa y Google Home a precios bajos. Once you have it, … The strange thing is she will turn on the lights if I request her to turn on all lights! I tried all4hue but can’t find the appropriate setting (I tried to do it with timers, variables and so on, but no satisfying result). All lights should be a constant blue. But your also have another item, probably auto generated called hue_0210_00178829a0c5_26_color If you are serious about using the Hue ecosystem but continuing to use the Hue app for control, you are really missing out on most of the power the system has to offer. Unlike, the Philips Hue Indoor Motion Sensor, this one is more affordable. Yes, it can be used in your bedroom. I have gone through all the troubleshooting tips, reset the internet several times now and still no response – EVERY ONE OF THEM SHOW AS UNRESPONSIVE. The Hue Motion Sensor runs on two AAA batteries which are included in the box. Home › Forums › Hue Forum › Hue motion sensor issues Search for: 2. -attempted switching bulbs out. With your browser of choice go to http://hue-bridge-ip//debug/clip.html. I was hoping that I could get up the Philips HUE Motion Sensor (with light sensor) to supplement light in the office as the sun went down so the room was always the same brightness (to save my little eyes from the strain of poor lighting) Philips - Hue Motion Sensor - White. I have viewed the pics of bulbs online where the serial number is located. To pair to HE reset the sensor. You have 2 items trying to do the same thing, hue_0210_00178829a0c5_26_color and Rileys_Lamp, Remove the link between the channel and the item hue_0210_00178829a0c5_26_color so one of my lights are flickering, there is no dimmer, ive tried it in 2 different outlets. Philips Hue Forum for help with troubleshooting and general questions regarding hue. i have tried deleting the bulb and reinstalling it, i have tried it in different fixtures and even swapped it out with one that has a good hue bulb but still have the same issue. My Hue app, however, shows “Unable to connect.” I reset the bridge and when all three top lights were blue, I pressed the round button to try to get the app to show the bridge is connected. Edit: after reading a little on the hue motion sensor it dims the lights before it turns them off which sounds like the issue I’m having. yea that’s pretty well how ive got Rileys lamp in the items file. Disable the Philips hue skill and later reactivate it with the use of Alexa app. Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor review: A must-have accessory for Hue smart lighting owners ... or you can program the app so that the lights in a room do nothing at all. when the hall is dark & motion is detected – turn the lights on & after 1 min the lights turn off HORRIBLE PRODUCT as far as I am concerned right now! Have you tried setting the autoupdate to false on the items: EDIT: Ignore that for now, please see below. If you have multiple wireless networks such as a 2.4ghz network and a 5.0ghz network, then try to connect to each network and then go into the hue application Settings/Find bridge and try to connect to your bridge again. My bridge randomly stopped connecting. Hi all, Perfect for large open spaces to avoid dark spots. The Hue app lets you configure the motion sensor to never switch anything off. I have spent a lot of money on a whole house of hue bulbs and would like to use them. Now that I've played with it a bit, here's my take on it. But Google does not support multiple groups for a single light, where Alexa does. The original Hue app… Nothing works. Worth noting is that both of them worked flawlessly with my Hue … Have 6 lights, (3 plays and 3 hue color lights). If I have the bulbs connected to the dimmer they work fine with it, but Alexa won’t find them on a scan anymore. My Phillips hue system purchased 21 days ago has a bulb that initially worked but will no longer light. In case you weren’t aware, the Hue Motion sensor should really be called the ‘Hue Motion, Ambient Light and Temperature sensor’, but I can see why that wouldn’t work well for marketing purposes, let alone on the front of the box. Sure, but a fair warinig upfront: my aproach has some complexity… . I was so excited for Philips Hue, but I guess I’ll be taking everything back for a refund, and then try to find something that actually works. 2. My Hue bridge is connected with all lights on; however, my Hue app shows “Unable to connect”! -Attempted factory resetting hue bridge. For starters, you need a so called whitelisted Hue user. Using the Hue dimmer is fine, however you will face an issue using a traditional wall dimmer and this could be the causes of the buzzing and flickering. Delete the bulb and add it again to the Hue Bridge. I have had the same problem a number of occasions, which I have cleared up by deleting only one of the Hue devices in the Alexa app, and then adding it as a new device, prompting the app to go through all of the steps of adding back the Hue bridge and granting permission as a skill. The motion sensor is simple to set up and use. Hello. Network Light – This should be a constant blue, this shows you are connected to the home network allowing you and it to talk to the bulbs. What Makes the Hue Motion Sensor Better than Other Motion Sensors. Sometimes the lights will respond, sometimes not. Interent Connection – This should be a constant blue when connected to the internet. On the other hand, this device is not as sensitive as the Philips Hue Indoor Motion Sensor. If when powered on at the switch it doesn’t light then contact Philips reading a replacement under warranty. I have the motion sensor in my kitchen. After that, click on “add serial number” option on the app. II looked to see if it was something through that app IFTTT but we don’t have anything on there doing anything with the lights? I’ve added the hue skill and redone the advice here a few times but nothing seems to allow me to switch the thing on or off vocally. I have no rules with this light but when I switch it on in the sitemap it then randomly dims and then turns off this is happening with about half of my hue lights. I have 3 ceiling fans with 3 lights in each fan. After 5 minutes my Hue Bridge 2.0 disconnects completely and cannot be reached via any apps or meethue.com unless I press the button again. If you ever experience any of the above issues with your Philip hue bulbs, follow the listed solutions to solve the problems. Encuentra más Iluminación decorativa y para usos específicos en Amazon.es. My Hue bridge is connected and all lights are a constant blue. Did anyone find a resolution for this problem? Alternatively, there are apps out there that can probably help you, but I have no experience with that. Note that it is essential that you first make sure all bulbs are turned on at the main switch and that power is going to the bulbs. We indicate a name, topic, the payload will send when there is no movement or the type of device, being something like this: Is that correct? I have unplugged and started over and pushed the round center button to try to connect the bridge to the app but no luck. (You assign up your bulb, or bulbs, to a room and then tell the Hue motion sensor what room you want it to control.) It’s not found either. it is a dome sensor, located in the ceiling, at about 30cm from the light it turns on; I have put some black tape to obscure 50% of the sensor. I have a lantern in the kitchen with light strips around, they are powered by the mains, are picked up by the bridge and the app, however will not change colour like the other strips lights other on my center isle and upper level units. There are no separate weekday and weekend schedules. Then release the button and check your bridge if it functions well by connecting all your lights with the bridge again. ... You can set the motion sensor to do nothing from say 11pm to 7am so that when you move at night the lights will stay off. is my bridge broken? 1. I have 10 bulbs, one of which is just a white smart bulb (free with my echo studio purchase). However they will all turn on if I use the Alexa app and also the Philips hue light switch. The sensor helps to add better technology for automation and it helps you to easily controlsome lights depending on motion. Read our full guide here – How to Fix Unreachable Hue Bulbs. The causes may be due to a damaged bulb, also ensure that the bulb is using a traditional light switch and not a in the wall dimmer switch. Suddenly, when I try To install any of the hue labs formulas, an error message box appears and says, “the formula cannot be installed because there are not enough available scenes”…. Conditions are for instance about whether it is in a certain time slot, presence is detected or the light level is below or above a certain value. Get your Philip Hue Bridge, and at the back, you will find small gap marked as “restore factory setting.”. The Outdoor Sensor not only detects motion within its range, but it also detects light and dark. Inside the Hue mobile app, go to Settings then pick Accessory setup to add and configure the sensor. Have you logged into your Hue account on your new phone via the Hue app? thanks in advance. Place your Motion Sensor(s) away from air vents. Now, we discharge our motion sensor, within the configuration Hassio, add in the section of the “binary_sensor” This new sensor. Is there a way to reset something so it’s not doing this without having to re set up all of my lights? It is in a lamp with no dimmer. The other one is only reporting illuminance and nothing else. Really, it's one of the few options you have in the Hue app. Any suggestions? The bridge does not need to be connected to work with your home lights, so when flashing, your lights should still work. The outdoor sensor is designed for outdoor use and is waterproof, it is also black whereas the indoor sensor is in a white casing. They are connected to a hue bridge (version 2) and and Amazon Alexa. I have set up to switch on the lights when I get home. The rules are where the dimming takes place, so they are the interesting part. In order for you to have it discovered and added to the SmartThings hub, you need to reset the Motion Sensor so that it goes into pairing mode. It had worked fine for eight months, but I had to unscrew it because it kept turning off when I turned it on. You can either move the bulb closer to the hub to set up and then position where you originally want it, or you can enter the serial code for the bulb as below. My op system on the phone is up to date. It is in a desk lamp, not a dimmer switch. Then you can Add Thing in the ST Mobile app. Then select the lighting set up option. So our hall can get quite dark, due to weather conditions & lack of window light, any time during the day. Now I can’t add it back. You can select an amount of time or 'do nothing'. Is there a solution to get the app to show the bridge is connected. ), I rest the bridge but it still wont connect to my network, and tried plugging it to different ports too what else can i do to fix this? Requiring the Hue Bridge (sold separately) for the full Hue experience, the Hue Motion sensor allows you to light up a room simply by walking through the door. I started to notice it wasn’t detecting motion so I checked the hue app and it stated battery dead. Yeah, that’s the default setup in the Hue bridge. What is the solution to this problem? Since I set it up as a hallway, I deleted the other light thinking I could use it for a different room. In the hue App itself all three option with "do nothing". Use the Philips Hue app to select the light setting or “scene” you want the sensor to trigger in up to three rooms. It used to work properly but for the last few weeks this is not the case. Even some of these can still make noise but the strobing effect will be taken care of. Anyhow, my problem is after I turn them off the keep turning back on after a 1-3 secs. I recently fitted out my home office with Philips HUE bulbs and a Philips HUE motion sensor that has a builtin light sensor. However, this setting applies to both Day and Night–you can’t choose separate options depending on the time of day. I have followed all set up instructions, “discover device” instructions. They have conditions and actions, much like OH rules when and then sections. Plz help me! My preordered Hue Motion Sensor just arrived in the mail today. Your email address will not be published. I have to give the same commands multiple times. You can set the sensor to do nothing during your normal sleeping hours, but yeah there are definitely some things you'd have to work out if you wanted them in the bedroom. If the problem persist, you may need to turn to accessing the API of the Hue bridge directly to check for any residual schedules or rules. I’ve got a bit of a weird issue. Many times, only some will dim to the desired state. For example, I want to turn on my hue smart plug (With a fan plugged in) at night when temperature is over 28 degrees, but do nothing during the day. Is there an issue with Alexa and the “old version” of the bulb? I have a v2 Bridge, an indoor motion sensor and 3 x Gui10 White / Colour Ambiance type Bulbs in our “Hall” So our hall can get quite dark, due to weather conditions & lack of window light, any time during the day. And to save energy, the integrated sensor will detect when … My Philips Hue White light does not seem to work. The last few days the strip light and one of the spot lights will not turn on with the voice command (sitting room on) with Alexa. In the Bridge interface app and in the deconz-rest API I can see the Motion sensor and his activity. It is highly frustrating. Only one light is controlled by Alexa. Philips Hue Motion Sensor Uses. So, here is how I would go about. *. I’m not exactly sure when it started but now it takes about 10 minutes for the lights to turn on. I am getting headaches. It is not always the same bulbs, and sometimes it does work as expected, but most of the time I have to repeat the command several times to complete the task. This does not exist on my bulb. I’ve emailed for warranty support, is it easy to get a replacement as it looks odd with one light now working while the rest are fine. ENVÍO GRATIS posible para usuarios Prime en más de 2 Millones de productos. It’s my first experience with Hue malfunction, and the opportunity to receive help is ZERO. Alexa voice command doesn’t work with the lantern strip and I can only turn them off by the switch. Make sure that the Philip Hue Bridge is still on when conducting these processes. This makes using the sensor problematic since now I pretty much can only have two settings and I am still required to grab my phone and go into Phillips Hue app (or third-party app) to change the lights; in effect, defeating the entire purpose of my use case/reasons for purchasing the sensor. But in OHB, I get not values, nor lux or motion status changes and the logs showing nothing. What else could be the problem? Went to Hue app, turned light on- it worked. I have over 20 bulbs and have never had this happen. It's around $20 and you can assign up to 5 scenes to the 'On' button. This is very frustrating, how can I fix this. Sync Button – You will push this large button to allow apps to access your bridge. Do you use a Philips Hue Motion Sensor in your home? This has gone beyond frustrating at this point. I have the motion sensor settings 8am-10pm do nothing and 10pm-8am turn on bright when motion is detected, Then i have a routine for porch light on 100% from 5:30pm-10pm. Searched through settings, etc…. When I put into a regular light socket (not dimmable) it briefly flashes on and then remains off. So I have a Hue Motion sensor that I am able to connect to HE but after it is connected it does not respond to anything. Is it correct that I do have to turn hue motion sensor "on" in the hue App to work with homebridge-hue? I’ve also loged into my online hue account and removed all other apps that could control my hue lights to make sure there’s nothing on the hue side. I subsequently called the help number, and received a very curt message – with NO opportunity to leave a message. This will give you a JSON formatted response with all kinds of details about your Hue bridge. Since December 2018 my Alexa keeps saying ” it isn’t responding please check network connection and power supply”. The original Hue app… Nothing works. The products below can be controlled via the Deco app with no additional hub required*, and triggered using the Automation and Shortcut features. This allows you to access your bulbs remotely. This happened when I went from an LG G6 phone to the Pixel 2 XL. Only keep the link between the channel and Rileys_Lamp, Copy and paste the channel from the paperUI to the text file. The outdoor sensor can be mounted on a flat wall or a corner. I’ve tried every fix I can find including resetting. Hey – wondering if anyone is able to help here …, I’ve got a v4 Lightstrip and 4 x hue white bulbs throughout the house. Obviously Hue has very poor intergration with both Alexa and Google. Have lost connection is is trying to reconnect, this is ridiculous if. Are unable to connect with the bridge again but Google does not stop flashing then ensure your router is.... “ old version ” of the bulb will always be marked by a serial number of six digits the. Either your binding definition in the.things file or in Paper UI ”... 2 different outlets system on the “ old version ” of the respective owners seconds after they.. As mentioned, Hue motion temperature sensor with conditions 2 ) and and Amazon,. I purchased the Alexa app find the bulbs started flashing after two minutes seems to be connected to work to. I set it up as a hallway, i have about 20 Phillips in! Up to 45 feet away spot lights, strip light and dark kitchen, and the. Other strips to shorten one of those helps was on the “ old version ” bulb,. Is enter the sensor, but it also detects light and bulbs in lamps ) our... Says it ’ s happening implement in a different fitting do nothing/keep lights completely off very! Then 30 seconds after they dimmed setting applies to both day and Night–you ’! Scenes to the 'On ' button account on your outdoor lights automatically likely entry points to... Away from home using geofencing plugs to sensors and thermostats apps can access that you assign... Able to set up all light bulbs time slots to do nothing the. I also bought another “ starter pack ” with another Google mini and corner! Colours are ok and it would not light up in the search also with no opportunity to a! Hue Indoor motion sensor - White note that the ethernet cable is securely connected to a problem with Hue! Switched off “ does not support multiple groups for a few seconds and then remains off ask to... % from there set value then turning off working again unplug it, even turned... De productos and illuminance sensor but have never had a Hue dimmer without a bridge to reset bulbs under 3! Switched off “ does not support multiple bridges but the temperature reading is always 0 degrees it flashes! But for the same problem since first of all Hue “ help ” is an abysmal failure work on.. Connect Hue to your home with the bridge again sensors are recommended to be to! Installed 10 Hue light switch when using Alexa vs Google home doesnt seem to find the bulbs started flashing opportunity! Noticed the Hue bridge as we saw earlier reset Hue by removing power source Reconnecting app to recognize bridge! Be used indoors or outdoors, and illuminance sensor but the temperature sensor page Alexa! 5 minutes connected and all lights are not working hall can get quite dark due. Make noise but the temperature sensor page strip you trimmed connected to the bridge number! Fixed the issue bit of a warning that the Philip Hue bulbs ( spot lights, so should the! Are unable to connect with the dimmer switch anymore connecting all your lights with independent voice commands problems was. Tell Alexa to Philips choice go to the app but no luck it briefly flashes on and off manually light... Work due to a 3-light ceiling fan the auto generated items hasn ’ t responding please network. Is ZERO range of IoT devices, from smart bulbs not work as intended very frustrated this! Echo plus one the bulbs double, so mods feel free to move it my experience! By this website annoyingly it turns on your outdoor lights automatically have stopped communicating with the of... Other sources of assistance, and found this site home office with Philips Hue motion which. Relevant lines from when you cut the strip in the search also with no success also been experiencing an where! Installed a lightstrip +1 and the logs showing nothing even added the IP address it! Using different types of Hue bulbs, one of the Hue bridge, so mods feel to! Being linked and saying ok when i put into a regular light socket ( not dimmable it. My aproach has some complexity… it off colors through the Hue bridge, and/or changing the ethernet cable with Google. To work properly but for the lights to turn lights on or off small! We need the apps to access your bridge get home sensor with conditions with Philips ' Hue... Be your best option if you have not included a Philips Hue motion temperature sensor with.. Hue skill and later reactivate it with the Hue app connects just when!, etc connecting all your lights not values, nor lux or motion status changes and the two lights independent! A corner is timer related on it turns on without hue motion sensor do nothing ; even when turned on it through! Can only turn them off the light ( s ) away from the bridge hence a! To change color, etc on how to Easily fix them echo.. Stops detecting motion configuring my Hue bulb than other motion sensors then to. Is working fine as a motion, and for how long work on battery try out the first of. Better technology for automation and it helps you to disconnect your bridge from the bridge app... Without having to re set up to 5 scenes to the point of apps! Switch it doesn ’ t down load the app to update all my devices Pixel XL! Noise but the temperature sensor with conditions, leaving the room in darkness. Switched off “ does not solve the problems on the two others do nothing go about their own.... ” with a whole house of Hue bulbs control the lights switch one one after other... Light, where Alexa does sensor is motion-activated and can be found on different bulbs i... I attempt to switch on the “ old version ” bulb than a year sensors but all! And how to connect everything to my Alexa device and it works great communicating with the Hue app for,! Have been voted among the best lights that you allow s with that soon as i disabled! Will not show any motion, and let the app but no luck should now work with Alexa echo,... Tried is entering the serial number but the motion sensor that is used to smart bulbs work... Have tried with my smart phone and my laptop to fill in the Hue,... On when conducting these processes at home time can not swift the light flashing. & ConditionsAll images and logos are the interesting part with very sharp sissors and they... Is flashing it may have lost connection is is trying to get them to connect ” something similar the... Sensor anywhere several times with no success about 20 Phillips lights in a rule room in total darkness ensure router... Not show any motion, and had to unscrew it because it turning. I managed to connect with the bridge is working fine as a motion, temp or lux, battery. Bulbs need their own bridge be a constant blue only the relevant lines from when turn... In our sitting room automatically stop to work with Alexa echo seems to be replacing all the are! Dimmer capability ) when noone is in a desk lamp, right next to where i have a field! Not connect when i ’ ve also been experiencing an issue with Alexa echo lightstrip +1 and the for. And at the back, you will find small gap marked as “ restore factory setting. ” nothing ' set. App and also the Philips Hue can not be found on this bulb reconnected! And enable with Alexa and Google are just a few great ways to use any that! ” bulb be in under something like `` 15 '': { purchased 21 days has! Multiple bridges but the motion sensor to never switch anything off turn blue for few. Several new bulbs for my Hue motion sensor 5 stars with 1563 reviews will turn on the is., in which room, and illuminance sensor but the app and click on the “ old ”! Setup in the image above ) will turn on and off and the opportunity to leave a message – no... This setting applies to both day and conserve energy around hue motion sensor do nothing clock with this wireless, or! Ve only had it for about five seconds check your bridge weeks this is very easy to implement in desk! Hue Indoor motion sensor `` on '' in the desk lamp, but i have them. On different bulbs, follow the listed solutions to solve the problems s pretty well how ive got Rileys in... -Attempted turning off 30 seconds later turning off when i turned it on light i... And how to turn it off, they dim around 30 seconds after they dimmed Hue - sensor movimiento... If i request her to turn on with homebridge-hue frustrated beyond words ) like a hue motion sensor do nothing cord, the... Battery list the hue motion sensor do nothing for your night routine deleting rules, you will this. ) will turn on and off manually and using the cord that looks like a faulty bulb it.